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What to wear after pregnancy

Getting back to pre-pregnancy shape

After nine months of pregnancy, you are probably anxious to wear your “real” clothes again. Pulling out the clothes you packed away while you were pregnant may feel like a shopping spree! But don’t get too excited about your pre-pregnancy clothes too quickly. Most women need several weeks, or even months, before fitting into their pre-pregnancy wardrobe.

What to Wear Home from the Hospital

When you are packing your bag for the hospital, make sure to pack something comfortable to wear when you go home. Most women still look about six months pregnant in the first few days after birth, so choose your outfit accordingly. Packing something that you feel comfortable, yet beautiful, in will make your trip home all the more enjoyable.

Whose Body is This?

A few weeks after having your baby your body will begin to change. Wearing pants or shorts with wide, stretchy waistbands will be most comfortable as your belly begins to shrink. If you’ve had a c-section, this type of clothing will ease some of the discomfort associated with your incision. Wearing underwear that comes up over your incision or rests below it will be more comfortable as well. If you choose to breastfeed your baby, you will want to wear tops that accommodate your larger chest size. You will also need nursing bras during this phase. It is important that you wear bras that fit properly and support your breasts. If you are able to, go to a store where you can be fit for the right size nursing bra. An ill-fitting nursing bra can contribute to blocked ducts or discomfort as your breasts change size throughout the day.

Does wearing a Bellefit Postpartum Girdle help?

One of the best ways to ease your discomfort after a c-section is to use an abdominal binder or compression girdle. Some OB/GYNs will recommend them to new moms when a c-section has been scheduled. Compression is a post-operative option for many types of surgery because it speeds the healing process. By increasing circulation to the area under compression, the damaged tissues experience a better immune response and receive more blood, nutrients, and oxygen. 

According to Bellefit reviews, the abdominal binder speed healing, it also supports the lower back by holding in the abdominal wall. This improves a woman's posture, which can be very poor during the initial postpartum period. Bellefit offers a medical grade compression garment that is perfect for women who have had c-sections.

Sometimes the pain associated with recovery can interfere with establishing successful breastfeeding, too. Although there are a few situations in which c-sections cannot be avoided, it is best to try to prevent the surgery and allow your body to give birth the way nature intended.

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When will I fit into my skinny jeans?

What a great question! Most women worry a little bit about this, and the answer is highly individual. How long it takes you to return to your pre-pregnancy size depends on several factors, including how much weight you gained during pregnancy, how active you are, and what body type you have. If you eat healthy foods and get moderate exercise, you should begin to lose your baby weight fairly quickly. Some women who breastfeed lose most of their weight quickly, but then hold on to about ten pounds until they wean their babies. There is no reason why you should not be able to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothing within a year of your baby’s birth.

As almost every woman knows, feeling good in your clothes can work wonders for your emotional state. Wear your favorite items as much as possible. When you can, style your hair, and put on a little makeup, too. The early weeks and months of your baby’s life are an intense adjustment period for new mothers. And though comfortable, well-fitting clothes can’t help your baby sleep through the night, they can help you feel a little bit like your old self again!
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