Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why is Bellefit a Clinical quality Garment?

BelleFit® Post Partum Girdles and Corsets are compression undergarments made out of polyamide fabric and elastane. The garment has reinforced abdominal supports to retain the abdominal wall and compact the fatty skin.- The material is breathable and wearable for long periods of time.- It is manufactured with hypoallergenic materials and has the proper textile weight.- Its Hypo-Allergenic fabric prevents skin rashes, its exclusive design allows them to put on the garment with minimal effort.- Its micro porous fabric allows the skin to breathe, thus keeping it fresh, dry and comfortable.- It provides an adaptable anatomic compression allowing for a safe and speedy recovery.- It stays in place and offers overall support as you move about, and it won't roll down your back or ride up your buttocks.

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